Somewhere Over The Rainblog is a creative space that celebrates the power of language and its ability to change the world. In recent weeks, the Black Lives Matter movement has inspired millions, demonstrating the power of language and peaceful protest. I understand that as a white person I will NEVER understand the pain and anger […]


The hidden victims of male sexual assault

TW: Rape, sexual assault This past April was sexual assault awareness month, and whilst issues related to consent remain incredibly important for both sexes, there has been little support shown for the male victims of sexual assault.The narrative surrounding sexual violence focuses on women and children, ignoring the highly stigmatised but equally serious issue of sexual assault […]

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To gym, or not to gym?

If a healthy body equals a happy mind, why are so many of us against the #gymlife? While the physical and mental health benefits of exercising regularly are well-known, there are other factors that prevent young people from joining a gym. The chief of these reasons is the rising cost of gym memberships. Even with […]

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